Our Story

Power Couple Rohit & Mehak started the firm Monochrome Architects together. They have similar thoughts and work as a team to achieve their goal.

After pursuing Bachelor's in Architecture from MBS School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi, Mehak was drawn towards History of Architecture. She followed her heart by completing Masters in Arts in Conservation, Preservation and Heritage Management from Delhi Institute of Heritage Research and Management (DIHRM) with scholarship.

Rohit has pursued his Bachelor's in Architecture from MBS School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi in 2015. He then moved to Mumbai to work under Architect Ahsan Ansari where he got his exposure in celebrities high-end weekend houses, bungalows, boutique hotels and theme-based commercial interiors.

Our Approach

Mehak is an Eco-friendly designer. Her ideology is crisp and clear like her designs. She says "My design preference is clean and minimalistic style. Timeless designs make way for functionality of space. As Architects we play a crucial role in saving our environment and I support the use of sustainable techniques to preserve and build for past and future buildings, respectively. Our Ancestors teach us through their work how to successfully work with local materials and resources.

She likes to create an honest style in my designs, emphasizing on natural light and ventilation. Re-use helps in achieving a collected approach, which takes the visitors through a journey from Past to Present. We can use the rustic style of an old building and give it a modernist bend.“

Rohit's vision is ‘the spaces in which humans are active have an impact on their outlook on life. The spaces where humans reside, work, and play in will reflect the attitudes and moods, in the long run.

Architecture can facilitate finding peace and happiness through appropriate elements of form, material, light and color. An architectural design that emphasizes the appropriate setting should improve human nature and therefore, ultimately improve the qualities of community, human interaction, and spirituality, and contribute to a greater satisfaction of life.’


Monochrome means a painting, drawing, decoration or photograph, etc. in different shades of a single colour. Monochrome is not necessarily Black and White. It can be shades of any colour like blue, red, green, etc. It creates a harmonious environment and feel.

The firm was founded in 2015 and ever since, the firm has evolved to the actual trends of modern design day by day, which made us unique. The firm has the capability to offer its services to Residential, Institutes, Hospitality, Health care and Restoration projects. With our well founded roots in Delhi-NCR, we've expanded our horizons to Himachal Pradesh.